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Does give royalties to the artists that are featured on the site?

Yes. believes that each artist must be renumerated for the time and energy he or she invested in producing a song. shares his net profit with artits and labels.

Is your site safe and secure?

Our site is 100% safe and secure: our state-of-the-art shopping cart system uses Secure HTTPS/SSL encryption which guarrantees your privacy and protects you from online thefts.  Our shopping cart system uses the CISP/PCI Shopping Cart Software which is among the rare e-commerce software to be fully certified by Visa.

How do I buy a song?

Just click on the "Buy" button that is next to any song on a song category page. It will automatically launch and bring you to an area where you can make a purchase.

I don't live in the USA, can I still buy a song?

Absolutely!  Our system is specifically designated to accept all major credit cards regardless of the country of origin.  Simply use your regular credit cart (VISA, MasterCard, Discover, Blue Card, Carte Bleue, etc) to purchase a song and our system will automatically convert the Dollar currency into your local currency.  If you live in Europe, you will end up paying considering less  (approximativaly 0.7 EURO or 0.5 GBP per song) because of the lower value of the Dollar in Western Europe.  To convert the price in your local currency, please click here.

How can I preview a song before buying it? allows you to preview a song before purchasing it.  Simply click on the "Preview" button that is next to any song from our song categories.  It will launch the Real Player application.  Please note that in order to preview a song, you need to have the Real Player software installed on your computer.  To download the free Real Player software, please click here.

Can I buy a CD? sells digital songs in mp3 format.  If you would like to purchase CDs of Islamic music, please visit, the official store of SufiSound Networks, our sister  company.  If you would like to purchase the CDs in wholesale volumes, please visit our wholesale area or email us.

From where do your songs come from?'s songs are for the most part provided by label representatives or the songs' authors who expressed interest in sharing their work with the public.

Is music allowed in Islam?

There are various Islamic rulings (fatwa) regarding the permissibility of music in Islam. believes that religious music can be used as a way to approach the Divine.  As Rumi, the great Islamic poet, said: "Music uplifts the soul to realms above".  We encourage you to read a paper written by Yusuf Islam, one of the most popular Islamic artist, regarding the foundation and opinions of using music in light of the traditional Islamic teachings.

What is the quality of's song catalog?

Our songs are for the most part encoded in mp3 quality.  The encoding bitrate depends on the quality of the original file provided by our artists and partners, and thus can only guarrantee the highest quality allowed by the original file.  Rest assured that all the songs that are featured on the site have been optimized to ensure a positive listening experience.

Is credit card required? What alternative payment solution do you provide?

If you would like to buy a song, you can make payment for the purchase on using the following options:
-Credit card
If you do not have a credit card, you may use your existing Paypal account to pay or sign up for a free Paypal account.  Click here to sign up for a Paypal account.

I am an artist and would like to sell my songs on, what should l do?

Just email us at and one of our agents will get back in touch with you shortly.

I represent a label, music company or organization and I would like to promote my artists on, what should I do?

Email us at and one of our managers will contact you shortly.